Buhari Has Given Us Change Why Are We Still Complaining?

Buhari Has Given Us Change Why Are We Still Complaining?


President Muhammadu Buhari, a man of his words, the current, undisputable president of Nigeria has kept his words and we cannot argue that.

In 2015, while campaigning all over the country, he promised Nigerians “change” a term no other Nigerian politician had ever used and how carried away we were as we orgasmed on the thought of a real politics and social change in the country.

We got to the climax of satisfaction at a politician who promised us change but he never specified the type of Change he meant and thankfully, we never asked!

For me and many well meaning Nigerians who love out darling daddy, the president, we cannot but worship him and extol all our appreciation to him for fulfilling his promise to us.

In 2015, before he came to power, a litre of fuel sold for 87 Naira but today, the price has GREATLY REDUCED to a mere 161 Naira which we average Nigerians at proud to say we can afford. What is 161 compared to corrupt Jonathan who fixed the price at 87..

In 2015, a bag of rice was 8,500 naira but today it is 25,000. But what is 25,000 Naira? Its chicken change and that’s the change we voted for! When we voted our loving president Buhari, he simply said, “Change” and boom! We agreed so why are we unhappy that bag of rice is now 25,000 naira? We should be happy joor.

In 2015, dollar was 200 but it is now 475.. To me, this is a welcomed development, because it shows that Buhari has indeed “changed” the forex exchange for us.. He is a definition of game changer. Sai Baba!

In 2015, Nigeria’s external debt was at $9.7bn but today it is $27bn! Our darling daddy has done well.. This one shows we have indeed moved to the Next Level.

Buhari told us CHANGE! We never asked Good or Bad Change.

He came again and told us, NEXT LEVEL! Again, in our wisdom, we never asked Which direction.

So why are we complaining?

Sai Baba joor! God bless our darling president.


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